This is a very unique book. It wasn’t written to be read from cover to cover, but rather to be taken in small sips, and savored like fine wine. It is intended to be used as a tool. One that can leverage the power to achieve great success. If you use this tool, as the author imagined, it can and it will have a Real IMPACT on your life. Here is how…

People are controlled by their habits and the longer any habit has had control of you, the harder that habit is to break.

“As a child I was a slave to impulses; now I am a slave to my habits, as are all grown men [and women].”. Og Mandino “The Greatest Salesman in the World”

Your habits will, control your future and, determine whether you’ll experience failure or achieve great success. .

“Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. Og Mandino

Those people who have developed success habits, have little trouble achieving almost anything they attempt, while those with poor habits, find it difficult to avoid failure. Thankfully, bad habits may and should be replaced with ones that lead to success.

“I will form good habits and become their slave.” Og Mandino

It is not necessary to determine, what bad habits you have. For, every time you form a good habit, that habit will replace one of more of your bad habits.

So, “What are the Success habits?”

Although not widely known, the habits that lead to success, are not a secret! They have been well documented in numerous books, articles, poems, song lyrics, and quotes for many centuries. They’re readily available to anyone who is willing to seek them out.

But “You” will not have to look very far!

You have in front of you a tool that will deliver to you everything you will ever need to know about the habits of success!! The very purpose of assembling “Hope and Motivation with Real IMPACT” was to make this search effortless for anyone who desired to learn and form good habits that lead to success.

To get started, you don’t even have to read this book. I am about to reveal to you the first success habit that should be developed. It is one that will have far reaching effects on every part of your life. Developing this habit will a Real IMPACT on your bank account, on your home, on your cars, on the relationships that you develop, on your vacations and, most importantly, on the person that you become.

“I will act now!” Og Mandino

So, if you are ready to start on a better and more successful life, then simply make this first success habit a part of your daily life…

“Read and listen to the right things, every single day!”

I know, that almost sounds too simple, and simple it is! But beware, this habit may be a real challenge to develop. Here’s why. Your current habits have your life filled with things that you believe must be done. Meaning finding the time to work in reading and listening every single day may be more difficult than you think. Then there is the matter of… What are those “right things?!”.

Well, I have great news!! “Daily Inspiration with Real IMPACT” was compiled in order to assist you in both of those areas. But, first let me emphasize…

“The quantity of your daily reading is not as important as the quality.”

Reading while you’re rushed or reading while thinking of other things, won’t be as useful as if it is done while you’re relaxed, so that you can concentrate on and absorbed what is being read or heard.

Now, here is how will his book help:

You’re going to have days, when there will not be time to read an entire chapter or even a full page of a book. But, finding time to digest one or two powerful quotes will be easy. On other days there will be time to fit in an article, a poem, or the lyrics of an inspirational song. And then, there will be days when an entire book may be enjoyed, absorbed and the knowledge therein retained.

Forming new habits is always a challenge, but with persistence you can accomplish many great things.

“I will persist until I succeed!” Og Mandino